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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Tree Quilt

I love Christmas quilts and I've made 4 within the last year.  After my DIL saw the Christmas quilt gift that I made for our daughter for a bridal shower gift, she commented that she would love to have a Christmas quilt.  She never came out and asked for me to make one, so I didn't think much more about it.  Then in September she had a health scare and went through two surgeries in October and next week will be going through another treatment.  In late October I decided to make her a Christmas quilt as a "get well soon and we love you" quilt.

I met Chris (frecklemama) at a Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting back in 2011 before we both went to Sewing Summit 2011.  In late November I mailed her two Christmas quilts to be quilted as she has a long arm quilting business.  I met up with Chris a few days ago and was amazed at her work.  I asked for an all over meander with a different stitch design in the trees.  Chris so came through with my request.  Thank you Chris!

The quilt is bound (thank you mom), washed and in the mail to our DIL.  I hope she gets lots of snuggling time with it with our three adorable grandsons during the holiday season.  We love you Conny!

Me and our DIL Conny
Quilt Details:
Fabric:  Assorted red/white prints - some Christmas and some not
Size: 52" x 64"
Pattern: Just 4 the Joy by Abbey Lane Quilts
Pieced: by me
Quilted:  by Chris at frecklemama
Bound: my mom

Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm sorta back!!

It has been a crazy wild yet fun month around our house.

My husband picked up our DIL and grandsons in Kentucky the middle of May so that they could visit for 3 weeks.  We had some great times swimming in the pool, playing, eating, and of course snuggling.

Just a few days after our DIL and grandsons arrived, my husband had neck surgery. He's back to work this week and doing well. It will take another 4 weeks or so before he can be back to really feeling much better.

Grandpa and I with our boys!

One of my highlights of the visit is the annual "photo shoot".  Ever since our oldest grandson was born, my DIL and I always have professional pictures taken.  Normally they are taken at a "photo" place in the mall.  After 7 years of the same place, we decided we needed a change.  I found this great photographer and she took some amazing photos of our 3 adorable boys.

The baby
The middle
The oldest
All 3 of our grandsons
If you live near Atlanta and want some great family portraits, please think about Leslie taking them.
While the kids and DIL were here, my really good good friend Cherri came out for a visit for a few days.  We've known each other since our Junior year in high school and we've been out of school for 30 we've been friends for a long time.  My DIL, Cherri and I had a great time chatting every night after the kids went to sleep.  Lots of laughs and red wine!

Our DIL and grandsons flew out to Seattle this past Tuesday ahead of our son as the Army is moving them to Ft. Lewis. It is so quiet at our house with the boys running around.

Our son graduated from instructor pilot school in the Army this past week.  Last night he loaded up his dog Max, his truck, his wife's van, filled up a U-haul with furniture they bought while they were here and headed west with his Mom, Step-dad, and brother who came out from Seattle yesterday to help him drive home.

grand dog Max

So if you haven't received your block from the 3 bees that I'm in, I'm so sorry that I'm late.  I just couldn't get down to the sewing room....I hope you understand.  We are heading out of town for our youngest daughters college graduation.  I promise that as soon as I get back in a few days, I will complete the 2 blocks that I owe for May and get going on my June blocks.

Talk to you soon!!  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Weekend

What a weekend!  It started out bad and ended great.

After dinner on Thursday evening, my hubby noticed that our black lab wasn't feeling good.  Things turned worse later that evening for Patton so we took him to Pet ER.  When they gave us the estimate cost for him to stay the night (approx. 12 hour stay) we just had to said no.  They ended up giving him 3 shots and a fluid pack and we took him home.

On Friday morning, I took Patton to our regular vet and left him there for the weekend as we were going out of town.  They started a IV drip and took a blood test and x-rays to find out what was wrong with him.   The vet was great and she called throughout the weekend to let us know how he was doing.  It seemed like he wasn't going to make it but by Sunday afternoon, he was starting to feel better.  

We drove to Indiana after we knew that Patton was in good hands on Friday.  Our friends were having a retirement party at their house on Saturday and we just couldn't miss it.  It took us around 9 hours to get there with many stops.  We had a great time and it was so nice to get away.

On the return drive home, we stopped in Kentucky to see our Daughter-in-law and grandsons. 

It had been over 4 months since we had seen our grandsons....4 months is too long to go without seeing these little guys.   We had lunch with them and then we were off again back to Atlanta.  It wasn't sad saying good-bye this time as they will be at our house in less than 2 weeks for at least a 3 to 4 week visit.

The best news is that I was able to pick up Patton yesterday.  He was so excited to get home and he is feeling 100% better.  The vet still doesn't know what was wrong with him but he was one sick dog.  We are so happy to have him home.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is it the end of January already?

These last few weeks since I last posted have gone by so fast.  My mom had surgery back on the 19th and was in the hospital for a week and today we went and had her staples removed.  Great news today for us on the pathology was all benign.  She still is in pain this week but she is doing great for 73!

Me and my mom (aka my quilt binder)

No sewing for me these last few weeks of January.  Whenever I did go down to my sewing room, I was cutting scraps.  I've been following Jodi over at Pleasant Home for sometime now.  She is one of the blogs that I have an email sent to me of her latest post so I don't miss out.  January was all about scraps for Jodi.  I was so inspired from her for the entire month.  I bought one of the books that she recommended, Cut the Scraps by Joan Ford.  Joan recommends cutting your scraps for future use in 3 recommended sizes.  I highly recommend the book and am so glad I bought it.

Here is just a few of my scrap boxes. As you can see, I would just throw scrap fabric in a box and close the lid. Not any more.

Just a small pile of what I've cut so far. I'm cutting in 6 different sizes rather than 3. Once I'm done cutting, I'll be making a scrap quilt that I saw over at Pleasant Home. 

Be sure to go and check out Pleasant Home.  Jodi has a great giveaway going on to wrap up her "Sew Scraps Along".

I did get a bee block done on Monday.   My first attempt I made a mistake and had to email the queen bee of the month.  I was so embarrassed.  She so sweetly sent me the background fabric again.  Stephanie basically wanted some simple branches with a bird somewhere on the block.  She sent out all the material and we all received different color of fabric for the branches.  Here is my attempt and I hope Stephanie likes it.

If you want to see what the others did, our bee "Neutral or Not" is on flickr.

Happy Quilting!


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Since I haven't posted since before Christmas, I hope everyone had a great holiday.  We sure did.  We spent Christmas in Seattle with our kids, grand kids, parents, and siblings.

We are back to Georgia and my husband I are camping at Lake Allatoona in Cartersville Georgia over the new year.  The weather is gorgeous here.

I hope everyone has a great evening tonight ringing in the new year and a happy new year!  I hope 2012 is great.

I'm starting 2012 off by joining Jodi at Pleasant Home for her 2012 Sew Scraps Along.  

2012 Sew Scraps Along

See you in 2012!!!

Cindy Lou

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Christmas gift completed!

It is so nice when I can check off things on our Christmas list.  Whether it be a purchased or handmade item, it seems the list of things to do before we head off for Christmas is long.

We have a family that we've become friends in the last 5 years and I wanted to make them a lap quilt as a Christmas gift. 

Have you ever made a quilt and then once it is pieced, quilted, bound, washed and ready to give as a gift you wish you could make changes to it.  I now wish I had used a different fabric for the inner border that would have really popped.  It looked good together at the store but now I'm not liking it. 

What was I thinking using that inner border fabric.  So many fabrics from the Sunkissed line that I could have used.  Oh well!

I know our friends will like it especially their 4 little girls. I can already see them lined up on the couch snuggling with it.

Quilt Info:
Pattern:  a piece of cake by Camille Roskelley for Thimble Blossoms
Fabric:  Sunkissed by Sweetwater for Moda  (1 layer cake plus, fabric for 2 borders, backing, binding)
Size: 71 x 63
Quilted:  by Stich 'N Quilt in Mableton, GA
Binding:  hand stiched by my mom

Now I'm off to the sewing room to finish some gifts for our girls, family, and friends.
Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a short note

Last week I posted about our son arriving home from deployment and I promised homecoming pictures.

Thanks for all the nice comments last week!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Soldier is Home

Our family is so excited today as our son Scott arrived safely home late last night or rather really early this morning from a year long tour of duty in Afghanistan.  I'm sure the two older grand kids were ecstatic watching their daddy marching in with his fellow soldier buddies at the beginning of the ceremony.

When Scott departed the end of October last year, their 3rd son was just 7-weeks old.  He had his R&R this past May and was able to spend 2 weeks with them and the baby was 8-months old.  Now the baby is almost 14-months old. 

Scott and his 3 boys during his 2-week break.

So today I get to take down the Blue Star Service Banner that I made and that has been up on our front door for the past year. 

A Blue Star Service Banner displayed in the window of a home is an American tradition.  The banner lets others know that someone in the home is proudly serving in the US Armed Forces during any period of war or hostilities.

As soon as my DIL can send me the homecoming pictures from last night, I'll post a happy family photo. 

Being that I'm talking soldiers, I just received back from the long arm quilter my very first Quilts of Valor quilt.  I bought the fabric last year hoping to start the quilt the beginning of this year and it just never happened.  My mom finished her 9-month Farmers Wife project and had time on her hands so she pieced it for me.  Thanks Mom!!

Take 5 - Teacher's Pet pattern
Quilting by Elayne in Tennessee

I just now need to make the pillowcase, attach the label, wash it and then I can request a destination for it.   If you haven't checked out Quilts of Valor before, please do.  The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover ALL combat service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.

I hope you all have a great day, I know we will knowing that our son is back home safely and enjoying his family.


PS. I'm linking over at Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Small New Blog Meet Up

My morning ritual after saying good-bye to my husband before he heads off to work is drinking coffee and reading all of the blogs that I follow. I love it so much because it motivates and inspires me every morning.   This morning, I read Lynne's post over at Lily's Quilts and she added a new section into her Fresh Sewing Day.

Small Blog Meet

I'm a new blogger and I have fewer than 20 followers. I qualify!!!

Here is a little bit about me:

My husband and I have been married for over 15 years, I have 3 great step kids who are now adults, and 3 grandsons from our son Scott and our DIL Conny.

My husband and I moved to a new house in Atlanta over 10 years ago and all of the windows were bare.  After making the dining room valances, I was hooked and made treatments for every window in the house.   In fact, I loved sewing so much that I ended up going to drapery school in North Carolina and earning my "Window Coverings Career Professional" certificate.

My mom started quilting in 2004 and she would tell me how much fun she was having. In 2007, I enrolled in my first beginner quilt class and loved it. I wish I had taken it up earlier. I met so many nice people through quilting. I have my favorite LQS that says "Hi, Cindy" when I walk in the door.

That's it about myself.  I do hope you will "stop by" and say hello.