Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Traveling with kids by car

In May, our son and daughter-in-law took a vacation with their boys (our adorable grandsons) and I knew I needed to make something for the two older boys for the long drive. 

I found a pattern online from Connecting Threads for a Mini Patchfoli (tablet holder) and quickly ordered the kit.  I saved the fabric from the kit for another time and used my own stash of fabric.

I decided to add their names on the front cover using alpha stitches that I hadn't tried before on my new sewing machine.  On the inside you will see that I forgot to change the thread color so you can barely see what I stitched in the inside.  I'll remember thread color the next time!

I then made them a color pencil holder and a crayon holder. 

Happy Sewing!!

Cindy Lou

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