Tuesday, July 12, 2011

H2H Charity Quilt

I finally finished my charity quilt and it is in the mail to Judi over at Green Fairy Quilts.  Go on over to Judi’s blog to see all about these quilts going to Romania this fall.

I had so much fun with this charity quilt.  When I make a quilt, I buy the fabric with a pattern in mind.     This quilt was a little different, my fabric came to me from my fabric partner that I was matched up with by Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.   Sarah did a great job organizing this event.  Thanks Sarah!!

I was planning on completing the quilt 100% by myself.   The deadline to return the completed quilt to Judi was fast approaching so I sent the pieced top to my mom’s friend Sue.  Sue was able to receive it and turn it around immediately.  My mom then did the binding for me as she loves to bind. 

Here it is:


Besides feeling good about making a charity quilt, I’ve made a few new blogging friends.  Sarah my fabric partner/organizer and Diane over at random thoughts do or di.  Sarah and Diane have great blogs that you need to check out.

Until next time,

Cindy Lou



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  1. Cindy, it's beautiful! Don't you just love that pattern? I made one earlier this year and had the best time!! Thanks for the shoutout, too! Be sure to remember and link up on July 31st to get in on the prize drawings!!

  2. It just looks great!! I have made a few blogging friends also. Not much time to blog in the summers on the farm. But I have been following everyone's H2H.

  3. you picked a wonderful pattern for the fabrics. it is a beauty, congrats!

  4. Hi Cindy Lou!
    I really like that pattern! Is it basically 4 patch units or is it squares with a specific layout?
    I need to make one of these quilts!
    Take care, Leslie

  5. Love this quilt. I wish I had a mother who loved to finish binding! So glad you made new friends...what a great idea with benefits all around!


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