Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cards

I'm back!  I can't believe I haven't been around for a month.  I was so busy getting ready for our trip to upstate NY to visit our Son, DIL, and grandsons for Thanksgiving.  We stayed for a week and then I came back and was sick for over a week.  I know I finally feel so much better because I spent the day today in the sewing room....yeah!!

My mom loves to paper piece.  Back in early 2009, my mom and I took our first and only paper piecing class.   She loved it so much that she decided that she wanted to make her own Christmas cards last year. 

Here is her 2010 Christmas card:

We found this free pattern over at Yvonnes.   She used her Christmas scraps and every card (60+) was different.

Here is this years Christmas card:

This is also a free pattern which was designed by Carol Doak.  Again she made around 60 and each one is different just by using her Christmas scraps. 

Have a great week!



  1. Wow! 60 plus cards. That is impressive

  2. wow. I've made card but never sewn them! That's an investment of time for sure.

  3. WOW!!! Stunning cards! I thought I'd have a go at maybe half a dozen simple sewn cards this year. Your Mum's cards are in a different league altogether.

  4. Wwlcome back - glad to hear you're feeling better. Very cute cards!

  5. Welcome back, Cindy! Those cards are great. I can't imagine making so many!

  6. 60+ ? Oh my! I just ordered 50 greeting cards made from my own (50 different) photos and I was breaking a sweat if they would make it here on time (HAHA) cause some of them are gonna be a christmas present for my mother in law. Your mother's are just beautiful! How patient she must be!


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