Monday, January 9, 2012

Off to the post office!

I'm off to mail my Quilt of Valor quilt to a hospital in Germany today.  I pieced it back in November and sent it off to a long arm quilter that QOV assigned me to.  While I was away camping over the new year it arrived and my mom did the binding for me, I attached the QOV label, washed it, made a presentation case for it and it is ready to go.

My cat "Bear" thought he should be in the picture as well.

I forgot to take a detailed picture of the quilting but it is beautiful.  Thank you so much Robert Provencher (USN Retired) from Orange Park, FL who did the quilting.  Your work is amazing!!

If you haven't heard about QOV, I highly recommend you reading their website and challenge yourself  to make a QOV quilt this year. 

Also in the mail today, is 2 quilts for Quilts for Kids.  They sent me the fabric and patterns after Thanksgiving.  My mom pieced them for me during the holidays and I machine quilted them. 

The backing material that they sent for the Dr. Seuss quilt is so cute and I'm sure whatever child gets this quilt may want the back to be the front.

Like I've mentioned in the past, just sign on to Quilts for Kids, ask for a kit to be mailed to you, they send the pattern and fabric for the front and back, you piece it, machine quilt it, label it, wash it, and mail it back to Quilts for Kids....easy as that. 

Hope you all have a great week!



  1. I admire your giving spirit. That QOV quilt is beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful QOV! Isn't it exciting to get one in the mail? Cute Quilts for kids also. Keep up the good work!

  3. Your QOV quilt is beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

  4. So glad I popped over to your blog tonight. I wanted to do something along these lines this year. I'm excited!

  5. That is a great Quilt of Valor! Good for you for finishing it up!!

  6. Wow! That QOV quilt is fabulous! As are BOTH of your Quilts for Kids. What an inspirational post! :)


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