Saturday, March 3, 2012

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge

Modern Mini Challenge

Before Jennifer announced her Modern Mini Quilt Challenge, I had only made one mini quilt before and that was a flag.  The thing about mini quilts is what do you do with them?  To small to cover up in and to large for a table runner or coaster.  When coming up with my mini design, I had to decide what will I use it for once it is done.  I decided that I want it to hang on the door going into my sewing room down in the basement. 

I enjoyed making it from scratch.  I even added some hand embroidery stitches around each letter.

Thanks Jennifer for helping me get out of my comfort zone.  I've seen so many wonderful mini quilts now, I want to make more.  Next up is the color wheel.

I'm linking up over at Jennifer's blog Ellison Lane Quilts.  Go check out all the beautiful mini quilts.
Happy Quilting!



  1. Oooo I love that little quilt - just right for your door x

  2. Oh it is super cute! Love that it has your blog name on there. Makes me want to make one too! :) Thanks for entering the challenge. Good luck Cindy!

  3. I like your fabric choices. Congratulations on getting outside your comfort zone :)

  4. So cute and love what it was made for!

  5. Great finish. The letters are perfect

  6. It's very cute! Love the pinks and blues!

  7. That's so darling Cindy! I would love to make a color wheel too. I think it would be a fun sewing room wall hanging!


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