Friday, July 22, 2011

My Sewing Studio

Kathy at Pink Chalk Studios is having a Where We Sew link party for the month of July.

So here is my sewing studio:

I have my sewing machine faced so that I can look out the window.  My design board hangs on the wall along with some of my rulers.

This is my awesome cutting table that my husband made.  Besides quilting, I make custom window treatments for friends, family, and occasionally clients.  It is 5' by 10', so making window panels is quick and easy for me.  My extra sewing machines and my sergers are below sitting on the shelf.  On the back wall is some samples of my window valances that I made in class when I went to Drapery School.

On this side of the wall I have a white board with my listed projects, a cutting table, and my Juki industrial sewing machine.

A book case with some of my quilt books and window treatment books.  Also on the right is my grommet press that I bought last year so that I can make panels with grommets. 

And finally, my fabric stash.  One day I'll switch from these black boxes to clear boxes so that I can see what I have.

Thanks for stopping by my sewing studio.

Cindy Lou


  1. lucky girl to have such a dedicated space!

  2. Such a beautiful studio - lots of workspace and light!!

  3. Lovin' that cutting table~! I like your neat and tidy-ness. I have made a few window treatments and I think they are hard to make.

  4. Very nice. I'd love for my space to be so neat and tidy.

  5. LOVE your studio...
    i'm curious about the fabric covering your marvelous 'hubby made' cutting table...
    what is it? where did you find it?

  6. Ditto to what VeeV said... I would also love to know what the fabric covering is for your table?


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