Thursday, September 1, 2011

I’m back from vacation & Small Blog Meet

My husband and I drove from Georgia to NY to meet up with our DIL and grand kids last week. 
Our son is serving over in Afghanistan and while he has been deployed, our DIL and grand kids were in Germany visiting her family for the last 10+ months.   We had a great time playing and spoiling our boys!
Germans return to USA 128
I’m trying to finish up a commissioned quilt today so that I can enjoy the LABOR DAY weekend with my hubby!  I’ll show the quilt next week before I hand it off to the customer.

I’m linking up with Lilly’s Quilts for her Small Blog Meet.  I met so many nice people last month when she started this SBM.  Last month you had to have less than 20 followers and this month she has increased it to 50 or fewer followers. 

Here is a few of the things I worked on in August!

I hope everyone has a safe & fun holiday!  Thanks for stopping by!

Small Blog Meet



  1. with travel you still got a lot done.

  2. Very cute projects! I agree with Diane, you've gotten a lot done!

  3. aw, that must have been really nice to see your grandbabies! (and your DIL, of course!) Might I bother you to find out how you put your photos together in a collage like that? I wanted to do that this morning when I posted and linked to the small blog meet, but was at work and couldn't figure out a quick way of doing it. SIGH I wish I had more time to devote to all this technical stuff but I still can't figure out how to add her button to my post, either! New follower, btw :D

  4. I love the little bags. I am always wondering where to put the dog/cat meds.

  5. wow, i love all of your august projects. i've been struggling to get anything done in august. ;) thanks for stopping by my blog and following and for your kind words. love to make new friends! (and love your furry boys!) :)

  6. I really like your T shirt quilt...about 5 years ago I made one for my niece with her softball shirts and I was hooked! I haven't stopped since. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for comments! Laura Burke of Ruby Grey

  7. I like the name of your blog. You do commission
    work also? I'll be back for another look at that quilt.

  8. I'm so happy you were able to spend time with your family. I found you at Lilly's . Such nice projects you have done this month. I'm going to follow you.

  9. Hey, Nice to meet ya. Came over from Lily's. I;m having so much fun meeting so many new bloggers. Cheers, Sandie

  10. Love that t-shirt quilt!
    What a great vacation!

    We get to see our grand kids in November!

    I am your newest follower! Stop by!

  11. Love the zipper pouches.

    I found you though Lily's small blog meet. Your blog name was so cute I just had to pop over to say hello.


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